Aaragon Investigations Providing investigative service to: Domestic Attorneys Corporate Law Firms Insurance Companies & TPA’S Fortune 500 companies General Public Clients


Our Services

Domestic Investigation: Infidelity, Child Custody, Alienation of Affection and Hidden Asset location. Fraud Investigations: Workers Compensation General Liability Long term Disability. Call for more info. (704) 650-5968



The decision to hire a private investigator is not made in haste. Aaragon takes your decision and your circumstances seriously, handling all appointments discreetly and confidentially.

Our aim is to find the truth in all cases so you have clarity and power to make choices that restore your life to normal. We specialize in truth verification, using the newest technology, The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSAII).

What is CVSAII? It is state of the art technology available to law enforcement, military and government agencies. Now it is also available to the private sector through Aaragon Investigations Agency. Wylie Cossar CFE is the only Certified CVSAII Examiner Licensed in North Carolina. We are one of the few private investigators nationally trained and equipped with this state of the art Truth Verification technology.


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