Truth Verification


Behavioral Assessment: Behaviorial assessment focuses on the verbal and nonverbal cues that people convey when they are not telling the truth. Investigators using this technique also use content analysis of what the interviewee is saying while listening for changes in patterns and structure of speech.

Computer Voice Stress Analyzers: Unlike the polygraph, the CVSA® requires no wires be attached to the subject being tested. The CVSA® uses only a microphone plugged into the computer to analyze the subject’s responses. As the subject speaks, the computer displays each voice pattern, numbers it and saves each chart to file. Unlike the polygraph, drugs do not affect the results of the exam and there are no known counter-measures that will cause the ubiquitous “inconclusive” results associated with the polygraph. The CVSA® is effective in all investigative situations as well as pre-employment examinations for background investigators. Embraced by the Department of Corrections, the system has also proven itself a very reliable investigative tool for truth verification.

Link to CVSA video


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